Keying Services

Why should you re-Key?

  • If you have recently taken possession of residential or commercial property, can you be sure that no one else has a key? 

  • Re-Keying the existing locks, to new keys, will insure that you know how many keys exist and who has them.


Do you have different keys for your deadbolt and knoblock, or for the front and rear doors?

  • If most situations we can key those locks alike, so you only need one key for all locks.  Or one key compatibility

  • Many of the padlocks, you should be using to lock down outdoor equipment, can also be keyed to your door key. 


Do you need a master key system?

  • If you have a ring of keys, that all fit individual doors, or have extra keys that you are not sure what  they fit. You may have an out of control A properly designed masterkey system give you convenience, security and control of the keys and locks for your property. master key system, or need one designed and installed.

  • You can be assured that only authorized persons have access to controlled areas. 

  • A properly managed and maintained master key system will provide many years of service.


Key Control or High Security Lock & Key Systems

  • Most key control systems utilize patented keys and or cylinders, because they are patented, the duplication of keys can only be done by factory authorized professional locksmiths.

  • The key blanks and lock cylinders are made available only to those same factory authorized professional locksmiths.

  • The control can be at the locksmith dealer level, at the distributor level, or at the manufacturer level.

  • All high security key control systems require specific permission to have keys originated or duplicated. this procedure means that the owner will always know who has keys and how many. If an employee leaves and you get the keys back, you can be reasonably assured that no copies of your keys are floating around. 


Kimmel’s Loss Prevention is an authorized Medeco High Security dealer.


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