Wall Safes

Wall safes are available in many styles. Most will afford some burglary protection, some are also fire rated. All are designed to be installed in the wall. Typically they will be hidden behind a picture or some other wall mounted object.

Production wall safes are typically small, and the protection provided is sometimes minimal, you need to be particularly aware of what degree of protection you are getting and what you are going to keep in them.

For those who need more space, or desire a high degree of protection, almost any safe could be installed in or built into a wall. Check with your builder or contractor, or check with us for a recommendation.

Fairly new to the market are a few lines of wall safes that feature remote control sliding pictures, or even a variety of common items on walls that are specially redesigned to hide your wall safe.

Links to Wall Safe Manufacturers

American Security Products Co.


Gardall Safe Company


Meilink Fire Safe Company


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